The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Pigskin

The Politics of Pigskin

The NFL playoffs are underway and we have already seen some fantastic matchups. So far the Saints out-offensed the Lions, the Texans just looked like the better team against the young Bengals, the Giants pounded the Falcons, and the Broncos stunned the injured Steelers. Here is your updated playoff schedule. [Fox Sports]

Peter King does his weekly breakdown thang in the MMQB column. You don’t want to miss these. [Sports Illustrated]

The Giants might have the best front 7 in football. They certainly were dominant against the Falcons. [Yahoo! Sports]

The Broncos defied conventional wisdom to defeat the favored Steelers on the first play of OT. [CBS Sports]

The Tampa Bay Bucs are reported to be in talks with Marty Schottenheimer regarding their vacant head coaching position. A bizarre choice if you ask me as they would be going from one of the youngest coaches in the league: Raheem Morris, 35, to one of the oldest in Schottenheimer, 68. But there you have it. [ESPN]

15 reasons why both Alabama and LSU will win the national championship tonight. [ESPN]

An Alabama-LSU preview from the men at Football Outsiders using their innovative statistics. [Football Outsiders]


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