The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Media

The Politics of Media

Paul Ryan edition:

Following the announcement of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s choice for the VP slot on Saturday morning, the campaign says it chose what would generally be considered an odd time to break the news because “we’re in a 24-7 news cycle.” [WSJ] [NYTimes] [The Washington Post]

TVNewser has a good recap of how the networks covered the Norfolk, Va. campaign event. [TVNewser] But, the Twitters were buzzing long before the Saturday morning event. [Mashable]

CBS’s ’60 Minutes’ and Bob Schieffer scored the first joint interview with Romney and Ryan. [CBS]

The Fox News/News Corp. patriarch Rupert Murdoch endorsed the Ryan pick on Twitter. [@rupertmurdoch]

In other news, CNN’s Sunday line-up looked different over the weekend after the cable network suspended Fareed Zakaria following the journalist’s admission to plagiarism last week. Zakaria recent column for TIME – which has also suspended him – that included portions that appeared to mirror a piece in April’s issue of The New Yorker. [NYTimes]




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