The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Basketball

The Politics of Hoops

The NBA lockout persists, much to my chagrin.  Things don’t seem to be calming down, either, as the NBA’s financials truths appear to be less and less similar to those that they report. [ESPN]

The Big Lead did a very interesting interview with Minnesota Timberwolves star Kevin Love.  He talks about volleyball, the Minnesota coaching search, the Ricky Rubio saga, and the lockout.  A good read, for sure.  [The Big Lead]

Deadspin recently broke a strange story about Ron “Metta World Peace” Artest and his apparent propensity for sexting.  It’s a silly thing to read, but its news, and so I will link it.  I personally agree more with Bomani Jones’ take.  [Deadspin only pseudo-safe for work]

The lockout has seen a few player say that they will play overseas.  While the biggest name to take this path so far has been Deron Williams, a club in Turkey is said to be pursuing a giant prize–Kobe Bryant.  [Reuters]

The scandal-chasing Pete Thamel smells blood in the water at the University of Connecticut, and has penned an article taking on the UCONN athletic department and its men’s basketball program.  I am selfishly happy about this, at it means he will probably stay off the back of the University of Kentucky (at least for a little while.) [New York Times]

Speaking of my beloved Wildcats, there are currently no suspects in the tragic shooting of Desmond Allison, who played for the University of Kentucky’s 1999 “Team Turmoil.”  A sad story, for sure. [Louisville Courier-Journal]


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