The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Baseball

The Politics of Baseball

Barry Bonds’ lawyers are trying to get his conviction overturned.  This is a sad saga, and I hope it ends soon. [Wall Street Journal]

A few days ago, the Phillies and the Giants got into a big fight, and Shane Victorino was suspended for a few games.  He, as well as all of Philadelphia, were none to pleased with that.  Read Philly’s take.  [ Sports]

Alex Rodriguez was caught about a week ago as a participant in a high stakes poker game which may or may not be illegal.  At this ESPN link, Colin Cowherd tells us its no big deal, and we get some information about the future of this incident. [ESPN]

In Cincinnati, two writers were robbed at gunpoint.  Watch out at Great American Ballpark, especially if you are a media member (I’m looking at you, Thom Brennaman).  [The Big Lead]

If you read that above link about the Phillies, and though they were disgruntled, you should see what the loser Cubs think about their new-ish owner (hint: its nothing good).  [Chi City Sportsfan]

A few days ago, David Ortiz got a hit, and two runs scored.  The scorekeeper gave an error on the throw, which resulted in David Ortiz being given only one RBI instead of two.  He was none to happy–which you can see in this video (which is NSFW).  He has since been given the second RBI. [Deadspin]


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