The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Fashion

The Politics of Fashion

If you wear high-heels frequently, then you may suffer from high-heel syndrome. And no, I am not making this up – there is even a study to back it up!   [The Beauty Shop]

In news you should care about: Tyra Banks likes to chew on stilettos. Check out the video:   [NY Magazine]

Singapore was the newest fashion capital a couple weeks ago. The city of Memphis now claims that title as the Memphis Grizzlies FINALLY won their first playoff game at home. Will you be sporting a grizzly?   [MyFox]

Want to dress like Lady Gaga mixed with Johnny Weir? Check out Johnny’s newest line:   [SHEfinds]

A fragrance that will have you smelling like fresh laundry every single day WITHOUT having to wash clothes. Yay or nay?   []

In case you didn’t know, trashion is the new fashion!   [CNN]


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