Who’s Better for the Jews: the Kentucky Wildcats or the Louisville Cardinals?

For centuries, Jews have looked at world events and/or world leaders and have wondered: Is it good for the Jews?  So much so, it’s become a running joke within the tribe.

JTA, the leading international Jewish news agency, decided to test this question on the issue of the week:  The NCAA’s Final Four,and specifically, the semifinal meeting of two longtime intrastate archrivals, the University of Kentucky Wildcats and the University of Louisville Cardinals.

Taking the side of all that is good and right and holy (the Wildcats) is the RP himself.  On the dark, red side (the Cardinals) is the RP’s great friend, Marie Abrams, who serves on the board of the University of Louisville, and has been a local and national leader of Jewish organizations for decades, including serving as former national chair of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs.

Listen to the podcast here for the fireworks and fun:


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