VIDEO: My Moment of Zen on “The Daily Show”

Last night, I had the incredible opportunity of playing straight man to The Daily Show‘s hilarious Al Madrigal in a segment of the Comedy Channel’s most popular franchise — and one of my all-time favorite shows.

As Madrigal exposed, No Labels — the national grassroots movement I co-founded, that involves 600,000 Democrats, Republican, and Independents in efforts to promote problem-solving to replace hyper-partisanship — is really a front group for immigrant harassment, forced Chick-fil-a feeding, and spinning in circles.

Or something like that.

When the show was first run, I tweeted my commentary simultaneously.  You can read my wacky insights by clicking here.

So if you missed it last night; now, here’s my moment of zen:

Having trouble accessing the video? Click here to watch on The Daily Show Web site.


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