The RPs Debate Romney Bullying: The RP Has the Final Word

Thanks for joining us for what I believe was a very enlightening, and sometimes even entertaining debate on the relevance of Mitt Romney’s alleged bullying of a fellow prep school attendee nearly 50 years ago.

Some concluding observations:

  • I thought the colloquy between Jeff Smith and Artur Davis on marriage equality and gay rights was fascinating.  While I agree with Jeff, I was impressed with Artur’s reasoning.  Usually, the anti-equality side relies strictly on Bible verses or evades the fundamental issues. I’m pleased in how Artur enriches the civil dialogue even though I disagree with his conclusions.
  • While this site is primarily focused on the views of recovering politicians, I am really glad to involve the perspective of others as well.  David Host and Ron Granieri both offered some very interesting takes from their perches in the private sector and academia, and I was especially pleased to hear the perspective of Gen Y’ers Robert Kahne, Zac Byer, and Jordan Stivers who aren’t too removed from their teen years.  Gay marriage, rights, and bullying are issues that polarize us generationally, but it is the Y’ers views that will be around for a lot longer.
  • Aren’t John Y. Brown, III and Rod Jetton hilarious?
  • I deeply apologize about including Steven Schulman‘s lame insights in an otherwise fascinating debate.  You have to understand, his mom sends me a batch of her incredible, world-famous brownies every time I publish one of Steve’s pieces.


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