The RP: Tell Our Leaders to Stop the Bickering & End Gridlock

We’re in trouble. And the people we sent to Congress to solve America’s biggest problems are completely stuck.

On January 1, unless our leaders stop the partisan brawling and focus on solutions, we’ll face massive budget cuts and tax increases that could send the U.S. economy back into a tailspin.

We all remember what economic meltdown is like. None of us — in any party — want to go through it again. We can head this crisis off at the pass, but not unless we fix the Senate filibuster. If we don’t, then we can assume that any policy solution will be sabotaged through the filibuster process.

No Labels is pressing our leaders to stop the bickering and gridlock, but we need you to join us to make sure they stop fighting and start fixing.

Click here to join thousands of No Labels supporters in demanding that our leaders in the Senate stop fighting and start fixing.

The filibuster is used in the Senate now more than ever before — in part, because it’s easier to do than it used to be. A senator doesn’t even have to hold the floor to force a filibuster anymore. Often, all a senator has to do is signal that he or she intends to filibuster a bill to bring the whole process to a dead stop.

Just one senator can take the whole body hostage — and he or she can do it in secret without ever having to make his or her case.

It’s outrageous. And because elected officials are using it to block legislation introduced by their opposing parties, it’s preventing potential solutions from receiving due consideration in Washington.

Our Senate leaders can help stop the gridlock by putting limits on how and when the filibuster can be used when legislators return to Washington in January. But they won’t — not unless they feel the heat from all of us.

Thousands of people have already taken action, but we need you to join them. Please don’t wait. This is too important and too urgent.

Click here to demand an end to the partisan bickering and gridlock.

Let’s keep the pressure on, and prevent a real economic disaster in January.


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