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It’s rare that I have the opportunity to recommend a book — much less have the time to read one — but I’ve just run across the best work of fiction that I’ve started to consume in some time.

It’s called The Art of Fielding; it’s written by a first time novelist, Chad Harbach; and even after I was able to pry myself from the book to get a little writing done myself, I had a very difficult time trying to stop thinking about it.

Indeed, that’s what the book is about.  Although I have only completed half of it, I have never read anything that so brilliantly dissects and examines and illuminates that little voice in your head that won’t stop talking and that leads you do stupid things like insult a friend, run a red light, or throw an errant baseball.

While the subtext of the book revolves around the baseball diamond — befitting today’s debate about Roger Clemens — it is a deeply introspective piece that tells many truths about human behavior and relationships that you don’t first expect.  And it has done the impossible, by convincing me to pick up Moby Dick for the first time since I was my youngest daughter’s age.

But first, I will finish The Art of Fielding, and I will have a more complete review when I’m actually done.

But wanted to take this opportunity to encourage the RP Nation to read it and share your thoghts.  Maybe we will even have an online book club.  Join me.


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