The RP: Bin Laden and A Day of Bipartisan Celebration

I’m traveling this week, went to sleep early, and awoke to a half dozen texts from my teenage daughters.

Uh oh.

When I read the joy and excitement in their messages, I remembered that their first politicial memory – the first real-world memory for all young Americans of their generation – was 9/11. This is America’s first post-partisan generation; they care much more about their country and their communities than partisan labels. When I turned on the TV this morning, I saw thousands upon thousands of young people, singing and dancing in the streets of Times Square, Ohio State’s campus, DC’s Pennsylvania Avenue, etc., etc.

So today is not a Democratic moment, or a Republican moment. It is an American moment. It is events like these that encouraged me to start this web site. It is my sincere hope that the unity we see today can be replicated and extended beyond this brief period of celebration.

We’ll have more to say on justice and Bin Laden. But right now, let’s bask in the joy of our kids and grandkids. As we determine to fix this broken, hyper partisan political system, remember: It is all about them.


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