#TeamRP vs. #TeamJYB3: Fitness Challenge Degenerates Into Fierce Mudslinging

Fitness Challenge



#TeamRP calls me a rascal for sending him a gift basket of Kentucky candy for the holidays.

In the middle of our weight loss competition.

I apologize I’m just getting to the accusation now….I have been AWOL today and just now getting in. Loads of work to catch up on.

But my chief priority is victory over you in our weight loss competition.

To paraphrase Malcolm X, I will assure victory “By any means necessary.” I believe he may have used that phrase originally in a weight loss competition with MLK Jr but I may have my historical events confused.

Point is, in war, there are no rules. Just more candy baskets.

I’m glad you enjoyed the gift basket. But don’t think of it as mere gift “basket” (singular)

Think of it as more of an Advent Calendar. But an Advent Calendar that ends on the day you concede I win and you lose. I mean, that you concede that I lost more. I mean that you concede that in a competition to lose, I lost more. Or, whatever, you know what I’m trying to say.

Watch your mail. Daily!




I did NOT call you a rascal.

Here’s what I said (try this link for the full post):

John Y. Brown, III is a dirty, cheating snake-in-the-grass.  As well as a kind and generous friend.

AlfalfaA “rascal” is a cute little freckled boy with funny hair.

And by the way, you got the whole civil rights controversy wrong.

Malcolm X did most definitely not challenge MLK, Jr. to a fitness competition.

He challenged Gandhi.

And guess who won that won, SUCKA?!?!?!?!?


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