RPTV Friday Video Flashback: Abigail Miller Makes Her TV Debut

Our newest Friend of RP, Abigail Miller, made quite an impression when she made her TV debut at the ripe old age of 22 months.  As you will see at the very end of the Friday Video Flashback below, Abby sits quietly as her older sister — then 4 year old, Emily — steals the spotlight with her adorable bravado, yelling “I’m for Daddy!”

Abigail actually had a unexpected speaking role that wound up on the editing room floor.  After about the seventh take, Abby started to mimic her sister.  Unfortunately, with the pacifier in her mouth, all that came out was “Mmm mmm mmm m!”

Abigail also appeared in an earlier commercial.  Sitting in her high chair while her father recited his lines, Abby went to work on a chocolate popsicle for about 20 minutes. After the tenth take, popsicle fully ingested, Abby lifted her arms and yelled: “All done!”  The director knew better than to rebuf his star, so shooting was shut down for the day.

Another cute aside: In the following ad, the little “future Democrat” holding the Miller for Congress sign about 5 seconds into the video is Conrad Bandaroff, son of the RP’s good friends, Holly and Craig Bandaroff, thoroughbred horse farmers who bred and co-owned Animal Kingdom, winner of last weekend’s Kentucky Derby. Unfortunately, the RP didn’t learn this fact until after he placed his wager on Derby Day.

Enjoy “I’m for Daddy”:


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