Please Sign Petition to Thank Presidents Ramsey and Capilouto for Their Support of Academic Freedom

UK President Capilouto

UK President Capilouto

U of L President Jim Ramsey

U of L President Jim Ramsey

The two largest universities in Kentucky — the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville — have been friendly rivals on the court and gridiron for decades.

(OK, sometimes, not so friendly…).

But they are united by the fact that they boast of Presidents who are deeply committed to the ideals of higher education — especially academic freedom.

And today, The Recovering Politician was proud to break the news that U of L President Jim Ramsey and UK President Eli Capilouto each joined the growing list of college and university leaders (192 and counting) who have denounced the American Studies Association’s pernicious academic boycott of Israel. (Read about it here.)

Here’s Ramsey’s statement; and here’s Capilouto’s statement.

Please join me and thanking them for their principled stance on behalf of academic freedom by signing the petition below:

Thank you Presidents Ramsey and Capilouto for Supporting Academic Freedom

We the undersigned thank University of Louisville President James Ramsey and University of Kentucky President Eli Capilouto for their principled stance on behalf of academic freedom in denouncing the American Studies Association's boycott of Israel.


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78Dr. Robert W. SosnaMenlo Park, CaliforniaJan 21, 2014
77Ian MichelPhiladelphia, PAJan 21, 2014
76Joel RoitmanRichmond, KYJan 19, 2014
75MaryHelen AdamsHopkinsville , KYJan 17, 2014
74Marc FelgoiseFt. Washington, PAJan 17, 2014
73W. Cleland WhiteFrankfort, KYJan 17, 2014
72Alan ZeminLouisville, KentuckyJan 17, 2014
71Michael KlaymanLake Sucess, New YorkJan 16, 2014
70Farra AlfordLexington, kyJan 15, 2014
69Douglas Scutchfieldlexington, KentuckyJan 15, 2014
68Sheryl FriedmanJan 15, 2014
67Heidi BennettLouisville, KYJan 15, 2014
66Courtney HughesLouisville, KentuckyJan 15, 2014
65Robert SlosbergLouisville, KYJan 15, 2014
64Chris CamuelJan 15, 2014
63Jonathon HubbertL'Burg, YJan 15, 2014
62Sujata ChughLouisville, KYJan 15, 2014
61Abraham RabinerLexington, KentuckyJan 15, 2014
60Albert GoldinLouisville, KyJan 15, 2014
59Lucy SterlingUnion, KentuckyJan 15, 2014
58Steven Goldstein, MDLexington, KY Jan 15, 2014
57Judith CraftLexington, KentuckyJan 15, 2014
56Gloria RieLexington, KYJan 15, 2014
55Ford StanleyLexington, KYJan 15, 2014
54Adrielle CamuelLexington, KYJan 15, 2014
53John Y Brown IIILouisville, KYJan 14, 2014
52Carolyn anad David NeustadtLouisville, KentuckyJan 14, 2014
51Austin CantorLexington, KentuckyJan 14, 2014
50Rebecca CraftLexington, KyJan 14, 2014
49Thomas ElderJan 14, 2014
48Carolyn WheelerNicholasville, kyJan 14, 2014
47Edward RothsteinNew York, New YorkJan 14, 2014
46Jann GeddesLexington, KYJan 14, 2014
45fred kanterCincinnati, ohioJan 14, 2014
44Maxine BobysLexington, KyJan 14, 2014
43Jonathan MillerLexington, KYJan 14, 2014
42Alvin GoldmanLexington, KYJan 14, 2014
41Bill BurgerFrankfort, KYJan 14, 2014
40Jeremy RileyLexington, KentuckyJan 14, 2014
39Erika DreifusJan 14, 2014
38Charles Kelly KilgoreLexington, kyJan 14, 2014
37Zachary KafoglisChicago, ILJan 14, 2014
36Connie CobaneNicholasville, KentuckyJan 14, 2014
35Matt Del CottoLexington, KentuckyJan 14, 2014
34Stu SilbermanLouisville, KYJan 14, 2014
33Keneth GersonLexington, KYJan 14, 2014
32jacob wishnialouisville, KentuckyJan 14, 2014
31Geroge PrivettLexington, KYJan 14, 2014
30Harriet CooperLexington, KyJan 14, 2014
29Simone SalomonLexington, KyJan 14, 2014


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