Nick Paleologos: The People Have Spoken

In their quest for the presidency, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney each spent a billion dollars. They debated each other three times in front of an average audience of 60 million Americans. In the process, they aired sharp differences on several major issues facing the country.

The people listened carefully.

On Tuesday November 6, 2012, Americans delivered their verdict.

They gave President Obama three million more popular votes–and 126 more electoral votes–than Governor Romney. By their votes, the American people settled the following questions:

1) National health care? YES(Obamacare is here to stay.)

2) Tax cuts for the rich? NO. (Ryan Budget rejected.)

3) Roe v. Wade? YES. (Rape is never “legitimate.”)

4) Citizens United? NO. (Most expensive election ever.)

5) Balanced approach to deficit reduction? YES(Grover Norquist sent packing.)

6) Privatize social security & medicare? NO. (Fix, don’t nix.)

7) More women in US Senate? YES. (Number climbs to 20–the highest ever.)

8) More Republicans in congress? NO. (GOP loses 2 seats in Senate, 5 in House.)

9) Bi-partisanship? YES. (Voters applaud Obama-Christie cooperation.)

10) Deregulation? NO(Voters to top 1%: Greed is NOT good.)

11) Equal pay for equal work? YES. (Voters punish GOP for “war on women.”)

12) Self-deportation? NO(Voters support sensible immigration reform instead.)

Significantly, the proportion of young people voting in 2012 was up from 2008—as was the proportion of African-Americans and Latinos.

President Barack Obama–by virtue of 2 consecutive majority victories in the popular vote–is now the most successful Democratic presidential candidate since Franklin Roosevelt.

For a rare look into the man’s soul, I offer you this:


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