Next Week at The Recovering Politician

Thanks to all of our new readers — and especially our daily return viewers — for helping make this second week such an unexpected success.

Since we’ve got the “Big Mo” on our side, we’ve planned another exciting week ahead for you. 

As per our long-standing (two-week) tradition, we will have three new recovering politicians to introduce to you.  Wednesday’s will be a household name, at least in political circles:  a former Governor and Senator whose name has twice shown up on short lists to be nominated as Vice President of his party.  Friday will feature a party’s recent nominee for statewide office, who is also a bestselling author and one of the smartest policy minds of his generation.

And Monday, we feature a former state Supreme Court Justice who has been a longtime friend of the RP’s since they attended rival high schools in the 80s.  That being said, he and the RP disagree on pretty much every major controversial policy issue of the day.  The fact that they still have remained friends speaks volumes about our common humanity and the potential for civil discourse.  We think you will enjoy hearing about his political and personal journey on Monday.

By popular demand, on Tuesday, RPTV will offer Fifteen Minutes of Fame with our own Contributing RP, Jeff Smith, who will help fill some of the blanks left by his powerful introductory piece, as well as answer some of the questions our readers have posed.

Of course, we will have a Friday Video Flashback, a new Friend of RP to introduce, and plenty of Weekly Web Gems to help you skim the best of the civil discourse that’s flowing through the Internet tubes.

We hope you have a relaxing weekend.  Get ready for some more fun and fascination on Monday.


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