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With Crit Luallen’s announcement yesterday that she would NOT be seeking the Democratic nomination for Governor in 2015, the field that will be jockeying for the Governor’s Mansion next year should be coming into sharper focus soon after the next Kentucky Derby winner poses with its garland of roses.

The RP’s Kentucky Political Brief is turning this political horse race into an opportunity for you to WIN BIG BUCKS.  OK, actually something more valuable — two lower Rupp Arena tickets to an early season University of Kentucky men’s basketball home game. (And they are going to be stacked!)

Here’s the contest:

In the comments section below this post (note that you need to use your Facebook account to participate), guess the names of each Governor/Lt. Governor ticket that will be officially formed by the start of political speaking at the 2014 Fancy Farm Picnic.  The tiebreaker will be the recorded air temperature in Fancy Farm, Kentucky at 2:00 PM CDT, Saturday, August 2, 2014.  Entries can be made NOW, and you can make your guess anytime before the conclusion of the Kentucky Derby, late afternoon, Saturday, May 3.

Your entry will be judged as follows:  1 point for each correct gubernatorial prediction.  5 points for each correct ticket (Governor and Lt. Governor).  You will lose 2 points for each Governor candidate you incorrectly predict (that is, if they have not officially chosen a running mate by Fancy Farm).  There will be no penalties for incorrect LG picks, because those are hard.

While I won’t claim the prize if I win, here are my bets (in alphabetical order so I don’t get in any trouble):

Cathy Bailey and Matt Bevin

Jamie Comer and Ellen Williams

Jack Conway and Sannie Overly

Adam Edelen and Rocky Adkins

Hal Heiner and K.C. Crosbie

Daniel Mongiardo and Todd Hollenbach

Fancy Farm Temperature at 2:00 PM CDT, August 2: 94 degrees

OK, now your turn.  And a reminder — only entries made below this post before the finish of this year’s Kentucky Derby will be eligible, and the contest is not a reflection of who makes the post next May, but rather, which tickets have been officially entered by Fancy Farm 2014.

All right — your turn:


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