John Y’s Musings from the Middle: So Over…

jyb_musingsDefinition: “I am sooo over that (or him or her).”

Something people say when they are still obsessed about some event or person and aren’t really over it (or him or her), but don’t want others to suspect they are still completely obsessed and have been seeing a therapist twice a week for nearly a year-and-a-half to work through the issue and have made little progress.


10427281_10154311285735515_7239723303620169955_nStory of my life.

At airport and huffing and puffing carrying two stuffed bags, one on each shoulder, and neither with wheels.

How do other people know about these much simpler and better options?

I know they exist. I just can’t imagine myself every being particularly orderly and organized. But when I get back into this position I always regret not being. For about 15 minutes.


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