CONTEST: Guess the Jew-Fro



It’s now time for your favorite contest, “Guess the Jew-Fro!”

Today’s entry, at left, comes to us from a loyal reader, who apparently is using this as a blackmail attempt against the picture’s subject.

The winning guess in the comments section below wins a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to The RP’s KY Political Brief, an email wrap-up of the day’s Kentucky political news, delivered to your inbox every weekday morning.

(OK, anybody subscribe to The RP’s KY Political Brief for free.  Just click here to sign up.)

To get you started on the contest, here are 3 hints:

1.  The picture is 40 years old.

2.  The owner is not really a Member of the Tribe; BUT

3.  From his neurotic sense of humor, he is certainly classifiable as Jew-ish.  Click here to read why.



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