#TeamRP vs. #TeamJYB3 Fitness Challenge: J’ACCUSE!!!!





Just a few minutes ago, I returned to my office from my slightly extended Christmas holiday to find a huge brown UPS box on my desk.

After I dug through the styrofoam baubles, I pulled out the beautiful “Taste of Kentucky” gift basket pictured at left. It’s filled with delicious Kentucky Proud treats:  Red Hot Roasters organic coffee, a box of Simply Kentucky Fudge, a gift bag of Bauer’s Modjeskas, a Blue Monday candy bar from Ruth Hunt, and my favorite — a Derby Pie: basically, a pecan pie with chocolate chips and a hint of bourbon.

Probably my monthly allowance of calories in one basket.

While I am in the midst of a fitness challenge against #TeamJYB3, it is always important to take a break from a diet every now and then, especially during the holiday season.  Calculating the calories of just a few bites of the Derby Pie, I remembered that I hadn’t found a note identifying the kind, generous soul who would send me such a thoughtful gift.

I rooted through the box and found the card that had been displaced.  Check it out after the jump:


P.S.  Thanks, John for your kind gift.


Your Chanukah fruitcake is in the mail.







Someone broke into my car and left a healthy lunch for me to eat.

I’m not reporting it to the police this time. Even though it appears several Krispy Kreme donuts are missing too.

To date: lost 1.5 pounds. And now the only thing I have a taste for is victory over #TeamRP.



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