New Policy at the Lexington Herald-Leader?

Despite being a proud, progressive Obama supporter, I frankly found the Lexington Herald-Leader‘s decision to run a minority view editorial on the presidential race refreshing. Allowing your readers to have both sides and then decide on their own is a good policy, one that is at the core of The Recovering Politician.

However, I am confused by a statement made within the minority editorial (linked here) that said Publisher Rufus Friday “chose not to use his power as publisher to overrule the majority.”

I’m confused because just a few inches below the editorial sits the editorial board policy which states that “Herald-Leader editorials are the consensus of the editorial board” of which the publisher is but one of 5 members.

Does the publisher always reserve the right to overrule the other 4 members? If so, will that be disclosed in the circumstance that he does? Is this a new policy or is this just the first time I was aware of it?If anyone knows the answers, please comment below.  Thanks!


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