RPTV EXCLUSIVE: Fifteen Minutes of Fame with Ashley Judd

Of course, politicians are not the only victims of sensationalist journalism — entertainment celebrities have it far, far worse.

Take Ashley Judd’s new book.  (Seriously: Take it — there’s a link to buy below.)

If you’d believe the breathless coverage, the memoir is just another celebrity tell-all, a lead-in to a sobbing appearance on Oprah’s coach.

In fact, All That is Bitter and Sweet is an important book:  a sobering diary of Judd’s humanitarian work in some of the very poorest areas of the globe.  It is far more Three Cups of Tea than anything resembling Mommy Dearest.

In this exclusive RPTV podcast interview, Judd discusses her journeys, advises all of us on how to get involved in supporting her critical causes, and, of course, discusses Kentucky basketball.

You can download the RPTV podcast by clicking here, or on Ashley’s picture above. 

I encourage you to buy Ashley’s book, and check out the important charitable organizations that she discusses in the interview.  Links to all can be found below:


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