The RPs Debate Romney Bullying: The RP Nation Weighs In

Opines Rabbi Jonathan Miller, Birmingham, AL:

I agree with my namesake, Jonathan, and spoke from that way from my pulpit in Alabama. In my experience, people change, and some people change radically and become their better selves. This was a shameful incident. But we do not elect 17 year olds to the office of President, thank God.

Further, I felt badly that Romney had to play dumb, that he couldn’t fess up or tell the world who he changed because of the gotcha political environment. The muted reaction to this event from the candidate and his minions was a result of trying to finesse the news cycles.

Says Linda Curry, Harrods Creek, KY:

I think he should definitely be held accountable. Romney was eighteen (18) years old. Legally he was an adult. Yes, it matters what he did fifty (50) years ago. He wants us to elect him President of the United States. From what I am hearing of his comments he will certainly “bully” the poor and helpless in favor of the ultra rich. He even tried to laugh the matter off as not remembering it. If he were honest with the American people he would not try to act like it didn’t happen.

Opines Louis B.:

An act of cruelty performed 50 years ago would not be the same as done today. The act must be viewed from the point of history. Times change and so do we (or we should). That is why you hold the noble opinion about your youthful act that you do. What does reveal Romney’s character is the way he dealt with it. He does not remember it. That seems highly unlikely. You remember what you did–which by the way was not nearly as serious as the candidate–what he did was assault pure and simple. In his apology for something he does not even remember he did not even humanize the boy by calling him by name. His character was revealed in the way he handled the event–not the event itself.

We all have moments of studpidity in youth and in adulthood. We all don’t attack someone with a pair of scissors because we don’t like the way we look. The BOYS WILL BE BOYS attitude is becoming, thankfully, with each passing generation, passe.


Suggests Randy W.:

We all have moments of stupidity when we look back at our teenage years. Bet those Washington Post writers have many more skeletons in their closets than does Romney


Offers William K.:

Can we get back to talking about things that matter?  Didn’t someone once say “It’s the economy…stupid”?


States Eleanor W:

Once a bully, always a bully.  I disagree with Jonathan in that I think this episode if very indicative of the type of guy Romney has grown up to be.  Instead of bullying fellow teenagers, he wants to bully the 99% in order to please the interests of his 1% masters.


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