Mike Mathiesen: A Closing Argument for Obama

Everyone says – and the polls suggest – that this year’s election is going to be close.  Normally any candidate who keeps his money overseas and who has made his living sending jobs overseas wouldn’t even stand a chance of being elected to the highest office in the land, especially at a time of grim economic times.

Romney may win this election, despite all of his flaws, mainly because Obama has done such a mediocre job the last four years at best.

Instead of dismantling all of the Bush Era policies, he let them all ride.  Many of my Democratic friends are less than enthusiastic about their President because of this.

But, I would simply point out to the American people, especially the undecided voters to think about the points that I considered before making up my own mind.

  1. Obama did inherit the worst economy since the Great Depression.  George W. Bush took a 5 Billion dollar surplus that Clinton left him and in his first few months in office, squandered it all and turned it into a 5 TRILLION DOLLAR Deficit.  The only way he could have ruined the country this badly is if it were intentional.  I believe, Bush was the worst President in US History for that reason.  To me, it was even a treasonous Presidency far worse than any other treason in our history.  And the damage that Bush did is still not fully appreciated.  The Wall Street FatCats that sold the world trillions in fraudulent paper are still doing it.  Another shoe is yet to drop.
  2. Obama faced the greatest resistance to getting any of his bills passed than any other President in history and I believe it was a Racial Bias on the part of the Republican Party.  They even admit that their primary job was to defeat Obama. Actually their job is to get things done and try to fix problems.  SO, in effect, the Republicans were the BIGGEST protaganists of EXTENDING the Bush Treason.
  3. Obama is an imperfect man.  He would be the first to admit it.  I think his humility is his greatest downfall. But, I believe that his experience in his first term has honed him, like a sword that is forged in the fires of the Hell and that he now has the strength and wisdom to make his second term astonishingly good.
  4. And, last but not least, you must consider this: Whoever gains the White House will inherit the worst economy since the one Bush handed to Obama.
    The challenges will be extreme.  The next administration will have to make huge cuts in everything.  Do you want a Republican making the cuts, which will be mainly in social programs.  OR would you prefer the cuts to be in THE PENTAGON, Oil Company Subsidies, Tax cuts for the wealthy and HUGE WASTEFUL programs like that?  The choice is really that simple.

Do you want more of your countrymen to go hungry, lose their homes, suffer and die?  If you do, vote for Romney because he says he will increase Defense spending.  That will only come from the Social Programs and also ultimately RAISE your taxes.

OR would you rather take money from the guys who wasted TRILLIONS of your money in Viet Nam and Iraq, Afghanistan, etc?  IF you are not a war-mongerer, like the Republicans then you must vote for Obama.

The choices are GRIM either way.  It’s only what you feel you can support as the least grim choices we must make.

That is the way you should make your decision this year.   And it always helps to remember at election time.  Which side of the bread is your butter?  Do Republicans ever give you or your family anything to make your lives a little better?
Or is it the Democrats who do that?

THINK about your own family for a while before going to the polls.

Mike Mathiesen is the Founder of Go Foods Global, Santa Cruz, CA


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