Binah Bindell: A Closing Argument for Romney

I used to be a liberal democrat.

Obama’s record speaks for itself. Look at the numbers, not the tone of his speeches, which have no substance.

In the third debate, Obama appeared strong and spoke well. However, it was all tone. Read the transcript straight, see what they both say, their plans.

Romney has a strong plan. Obama has no plan, but he speaks with such a tone of his own grandiosity, that tone has an affect to the naive public. In truth, his whole speach, Obama just bashed Romney.

It was actually amazing to see Romney stand there and spell out his plan and then Obama talks and he first thing he says is, ” he is not going too that”. It was a very strange response.

But, then again, Obama has had a failed record with nothing to talk about for the last four years so he bashes Romney.

They say that the best defense is an offense, that is a tactic that Obama has had a lot of practice doing. Please look at the debt numbers. The food stamp numbers, the unemployed numbers, and more, from 2008 to 2012.

We were in bad shape in 2008. When Obama took office, we were 8 trillion in debt. Obama promised he would cut that in half to 4 trillion. Obama also stated that if he didn’t then he did not deserve to be re elected. The debt now stands at over 14 Trillion! Food stamps and unemployed numbers have increased by many, many millions of Americans. Check out unbiased true Facts. Check out the real numbers look at other sites, Google it. You owe it to be true to yourself and to iur Country.


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