The RPs Debate Romney Bullying: Zac Byer Jumps In

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I find this incident so insignificant to why – or why not – Mitt Romney should be our next president that I’ve been searching for some larger social significance.

A few years removed from college, I think back to all the pictures some of my friends and I didn’t take for fear of where and when they might resurface.  It wasn’t worth putting ourselves in particular situations, we figured, no matter how typical they may be for twenty-somethings in college.

And though we were probably right, I found these experiences frustratingly calculated.  Think about all that you have learned about yourself because of the variety of your experiences.  Shameful or satisfying, angering or alleviating, it’s safe to say they were all educating in one way or another.

Do I wish Romney hadn’t mistreated that kid 50 years ago?  Of course.  And I’m sure Mitt wishes otherwise, too.

But until a slew of stories arise that reveal Romney was a pathological bully, I’m looking at this as a moment from which Romney learned right from wrong.  He made a mistake – we all do – and he learned from it.  Frankly, I’d be much more disappointed in him if I found out Romney stood on the sidelines while his friends picked on a classmate simply because Mitt was afraid it would come back to haunt his future political career.

Experience life and make some mistakes – it’ll be clear enough to your potential investors or voters whether or not you learned from them.


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