Nancy Slotnick: How Snack is That?

The above title is my tribute to Jamie Foxx’s brilliant monologue this past weekend on SNL. I won’t use “How black is that?” because coming from me it will sound racist.  From Jamie it just sounds so smooth.  I love the concept about Obama too- that his first term was his white side at work.  Now we’ll get to see the black man in him- fierce, fit and full of passion with nothing to lose.  That’s the most impactful Obama- and I, for one, am so excited to see it. Israel is already taking notice. How snack is that?

So back to dating and relationships, since that’s my area of specialty.  I used to own a real café, with a dating service for our customers.  How snack is that? We served rice krispy treats iike the one you see here- they were so popular- why?  First of all they were HUGE.  (How snack is that?)  Secondly, they were reminiscent of childhood.  Thirdly, they were sweet and delicious.  Need I say more?  And people ignored the messy, digging right in and sharing with friends.  Finger lickin’ good. Just like snacktime when you’re a kid.  Pure fun. No worries. How snack is that?

No worries.  I hate when people say that over text.   It’s never coming from someone who really has “no worries.”  What it really means is“I’m angry at you but I’m just going to pretend I’m not because I think of myself as the kind of person who is very Zen and nothing gets me mad.  We can deal with our anger over text by dismissing it and we’ll be fine.” How snack is that?  Not very.  That was Obama in the first Romney debate.  Obama in the next debate was all: “I’m gonna kick your butt so far from sideways that when we’re done I will have no worries.”  And that’s just what happened.  How black is that?  (Sorry, I slipped.)

Nancy SlotnickSo I’m gonna suggest that when you meet someone new you ask yourself, “How snack is that?” when you’re on the date.  That’s the litmus test for going out again.  Clients always ask me: “I wasn’t attracted to him.  Should I give him another chance anyway?  I don’t want to hurt his feelings.” Not very snack.  Why would you be doing him a favor to let him pay for another dinner with no chance of booty just because you feel guilty? You’re wasting your own time and his.

Please call me if you want to change that up- 212-712-0500.  Consider it your personal wake up call.  Snacktime for your lovelife!  Get messy, have something sweet and fun, so that you can soothe the pain involved in growing up.  Stretching outside of your comfort zone.  Challenge yourself to know what you are feeling and face feeling bad.  I am like your personal trainer for dating.  There’s milk and cookies on the other side of the rainbow if you trust me, and you do the work.  It’s not easy but it can be fun.

Now if you’re in a relationship, I have an exercise for you too.  Every time before you call, text or email your spouse or your boyfriend, ask yourself: “How snack is that?”  In other words, is what I’m calling or texting to say very important? Is it fun?  Is it sexy?  Is it a rice krispy treat for him/her?  Or is it collard greens that have been sitting out too long at the Korean grocery salad bar?  Challenge yourself to be more snack.  Don’t let yourself get stale.  Don’t be too Wonder Bread.  Be unpredictable.  Be Jamie Foxx.

Speaking of Jamie Foxx, though- I don’t know if he’s in a relationship.  How snack is that?  He’s quite a catch.  He deserves an awesome girl who will admire him and put him in his place at the same time.  When my husband filled out his profile at Drip, my old café (the day before we met, incidentally,) he was asked “What are you looking for in a partner?”  His reply “Not a pushover.”  I guess he likes a challenge- good thing for me.

So Jamie, if your people are reading this, and you are looking for true love, please have them contact me.  I can help you figure out this crazy little thing. Because it’s complicated, just like the Facebook status says.  Sometimes you need an expert, even if you’re a celebrity.  I will respect your privacy.  I’m good like that.  I do understand that there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that your people will call me.  And even less of a chance that you will.  But that is my real number and my confidential voicemail.  I’m willing to put it out there- that’s all I can do.  Now it’s your turn. It was probably a white SNL writer that wrote that monologue for you anyway.  Please have him contact me instead. No worries!  😉


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