Support Mark Nickolas’ “This is not Graffiti”

ALtThisIsNotGraffiti_ImageInterested in being a part of Mark Nickolas’ first significant film project? The political operative-turned blogger-turned documentary filmmaker is in the middle of his first Kickstarter campaign to fund his latest film titled ‘This Is Not Graffiti,’ an important short film that will explore the use of political graffiti and street art as a catalyst for popular revolutions and uprisings around the world.
Mark is 17 days into his 36-day fundraising period and has already raised about 50% of his $18,500 budget, with pledges ranging from $1 to $2,500. But Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform. If he doesn’t hit his target, no pledges are processed and he gets nothing. Besides, the project offers very cool rewards starting at the $10 level, so they are great stocking stuffers!
As you may recall from our reporting here, his first film (which was simply a graduate film school project), garnered considerable national press, was a Smithsonian finalist, and is now on the film festival circuit. (check out his website if you want see/read more about his work at
Love him or hate him, those of you that know or remember Mark will recall his impressive level of success at his work, be it campaigns, with his writing, or with his very early film work. His new film project is already getting a considerable amount of attention and backing (including from yours truly), and you should check it out here


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