Lauren Mayer: Swing State Envy

It’s been an incredibly divided election season, but seeing new BFFs President Obama and Governor Christie has inspired me to be more bipartisan.

Those of us in solidly red or blue states may disagree vehemently about our choice of candidate, but there’s one huge thing we have in common.  We feel left out of all the rallies, speeches, door-to-door canvassing and incessant ads lavished on the few states whose votes will actually affect the presidential race.

I mean, sure, my vote matters on local races and propositions, but it’s not the same. Those of us in states like California or Texas never get called by pollsters or visited by campaign workers – meanwhile voters in a few crucial states are complaining about all the attention, like a gorgeous celebrity complaining about how hard it is to keep her weight up because she forgets to eat. But instead of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to let my inner musical theatre geek pay tribute to perhaps the most pivotal swing state of all . . . .


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