Introducing a New Feature: Gen Y “He Said, She Said”

This morning we introduce a brand new feature at The Recovering Politician: the Gen Y “He Said; She Said” debates.

“He” is Zac Byer, a longtime staff contributor at the RP, who also happened to study at the University of Pennsylvania under the tutelage of Friend of RP (also the RP’s college roommate) Ronald Granieri.  Zac is an outspoken Republican, and currently works for one of the leading minds behind GOP national strategy, Dr. Frank Luntz.

“She” is Jordan Stivers, a recent graduate of the University of Kentucky, a former volunteer for the RP, and a passionate Democrat who currently serves on the communications committee of the newly formed Young Democrats of America Faith and Values Initiative.

As you might be able to tell, “He” and “She” are dating.  Or talking to each other.  Or in a relationship.  Or whatever Gen Y calls these types of relationships.

This morning, we will be featuring the first of their Gen Y “He Said, She Said” debates — discussing critical issues from the perspective of their generation.  Today’s debate: the 2012 Presidential election.  At 9:00 AM, Jordan will argue that Barack Obama’s reelection will best serve the interests of their generation.  At 10:00, Zac will counter that his generation needs the change represented by Mitt Romney.

So tag along, and enjoy a younger version of Carville and Matalin.  In reverse.


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