Julie Rath: Wedding Ties: What to Tie on When Tying the Knot

I always say a groom should look dashing at his wedding, and choosing the right accessories is key to the result. In selecting neckwear for your nuptials, remember that you’re not choosing a power tie or a work tie — you’re choosing a wedding tie, and it should be celebratory. After all, that’s what the whole day is about. So give yourself permission to think outside the box and go with something you might not normally wear. You’ll still look like you, only a cool and sharp groom version of you. Below are several different categories of ties that are just right for those that are altar-bound..


Solids: Wearing a solid tie is a nice way to let your bride, no doubt gorgeous in her wedding dress, take center stage. I recommend using a shade from the wedding color scheme and/or the bridesmaid dresses. I like the three below (left to right): from Drake’s London (£95), Turnbull & Asser ($175), and to go with a more casual look — perhaps a khaki suit — this linen tie from Faconnable ($115). All three are available in a range of colors for easy coordination.



If a solid doesn’t have enough flavor, but you still want to keep it simple, try one that’s tone-on-tone like those below from Jil Sander ($165; also comes in tan) and Brioni ($195).



Another easy principle to follow is matching metals to metals. So if your bride’s jewelry and your belt buckle, watch, cuff links, etc. are silver-toned, you might incorporate a corresponding metallic shade into your tie. This rule works particularly well if your metals are silver and you happen to have cool skin tone, or if your metals are gold, and your skin tone is warm. For silvers, I like this diamond-patterned tie from Sam Hober ($80) and this silk stripe from Giorgio Armani ($145). Keep in mind that the Sam Hober is on the dressy side because the pattern is small.

For more on dressing for formal weddings, check here.



For a daytime wedding, particularly one that’s outdoors, you can brighten up the colors with something more upbeat while keeping with the wedding’s color scheme. These pearlescent ties, like (clockwise from top left) the stripe & dash from Stephano Ricci ($200), the pencil stripe from  A Suitable Wardrobe ($120), the jacquard from Paul Smith ($130), and the paisley from Fine & Dandy Shop ($45) just scream “I DO”.



Ties with light-hearted patterns like this Macclesfield (a style of tie with a small scale repeating pattern named for an early English tie-making center) from Drake’s (£95) and this floral from Thomas Pink ($105) are particularly jubilant and therefore excellent picks.

I am also very into this dotted twill tie ($135) from Jil Sander. The color scheme is conservative, but the polka dots keep it whimsical enough that you won’t look stuffy on your big day.



This is a terrific way to send a message to your guests that you might not want to spell out in so many words. For instance, you might use this stork tie from Ben Silver ($120) to let your guests know it’s a boy! and that perhaps they ought to consider getting you a second gift sooner than expected.

Ok, maybe not so much with the storks … but as you can see, there are loads of different ways you can go in selecting neckwear for your wedding. The keys are to consider what your bride is wearing, the wedding colors and theme, the time and location of the event, your personal style, and (of course) what looks good on you. Nail those elements, and you’ll be the best-dressed groom to grace an altar.

If you’re interested in learning more about how I can tune-up your groom attire, contact me by phone at (646) 434-7842, by email or on Twitter.

[This post originally appeared on The Groom Says.]


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