Julie Rath: Sales Finds

This week’s style briefing is  all about saving you some dollar bills. I’ve scoured the interwebs with you in  mind, looking for deals to help keep your pockets lined. Below are 6  sale finds I’m rather excited about. Remember, selection is limited  when it comes to sale items (particularly those that come in sizes), so if any  of these appeal to you, don’t sit on them for too long.

Men's Personal Shopper: Tote Bag1) Mismo tote bag $477.15 $334

Both the linen blend and blue color of this bag make it a no-brainer for  Spring. If you haven’t heard of the website Farfetch, check it out. It’s an easy way to get hard-to-find items from small boutiques around the world. It also makes ordering from overseas cost-effective and simple because import duties are included in their prices.


Men's Personal Shopper: Zanellato Bag2) Zanellato satchell $875.95 $613

Looking for a more conservative and mature bag than in #1? Check out the  Zanellato bag above. I am loving the rich brown leather and weathered gold  hardware. Another bonus about this bag is if you’re tough on your things, its  grainy leather can withstand a beating.


Men's Image Consultant: Boglioli Sweater3) Boglioli sweater $1150 $459

When looking at sale items, it pays to be flexible. Sure, a heavy sweater is  something you’d mainly think to wear on cold winter days, but a cardigan like  this is also good for transitional months where it’s too warm for your winter  coat, but there’s enough of a bite in the air that you need something. On top of  that, Boglioli is one of my favorite brands — sprezzatura at its  finest!


Men's Image Consultant: Billy Reid Polo4) Billy Reid polos $88 $61

It strikes me as odd for polos to be on sale now, at the start of Spring, but  perhaps these are left over from last year. Either way, it’s a good deal on a  staple. These polos from Billy Reid fit trimly but are comfortable.


Men's Image Consultant: Rag & Bone Pants5) Rag & Bone pants $185 $130

I stocked up on these soft pants with a one-on-one client at the Rag &  Bone store in NYC last week. This is another sale item that has me scratching my  head, as the material feels quite Spring-y. Note: the material on these pants  stretches, so if you’re in between sizes or unsure, go down a size. Also, they  come in other colors like grey and navy.


Men's Image Consultant: 7 Jeans6) 7 for All Mankind jeans $189 $129 + 10% off if  you sign up for their newsletter

The start of a new season is a good time to reassess your staples. Do you  need a new pair of dark rinse jeans? If so, I like the color and non-contrast  seaming on these from 7 for All Mankind. If the standard classic fit isn’t for  you, there are plenty of other cuts on sale (for my primer on finding flattering  jeans, click here). $20 from each pair purchased will be donated to Movember.


Keep in mind when shopping sales to look at the fine print. Often items on  sale (like the cardigan above from Barney’s) are not returnable.

Have you had any exciting sale finds recently?


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