Julie Rath: Heat Wave Style

 Men's Personal Shopper: Summer Style

Scorching hot temps got you down?

When it’s 90+ degrees out, you are definitely going to do some sweating.

But there are ways you can prepare so that you minimize the damage to your wardrobe and appearance.

Below are 11 tips for keeping cool and confident this summer.

1) Take your morning shower with the coldest water you can stand, and use a cooling soap with mint.

2) When you get out of the shower, powder your feet, armpits and groin to help keep you dry. Menscience body powder uses cornstarch and zinc oxide instead of talc (which has shown to have negative health effects) and was formulated for all-over use.

3) Use deodorant with antiperspirant, which slows the production of underarm sweat.


Men's Personal Shopper: Summer Style

4) Apply a cooling product like Korres’s Greek Yogurt Cooling Gel as needed, post-shower. It’s designed for sunburns, but does a great job relieving all sensations of heat from your body.

5) Face wipes also make you feel and look cool by absorbing grease and oil.

6) Get your hair cut shorter and more frequently during warm months (including cleanups for the hair on the back of your neck and around your ears).

7) My guiding principle is that clothing should always fit impeccably, but in the summer months, I am OK with slightly looser fits to facilitate airflow, especially for items like linen shirts and pants.

8) Dark colors absorb sunlight and therefore heat, so opt for light colors like white, off-white, light grey, beige, and pastels, all of which present as more seasonally appropriate as well.


Men's Personal Shopper Lightweight Summer Clothes

9) Choose natural fibers that breathe and are good at absorbing moisture. These include tropical weight wools, seersucker (not just for suits), linen (try in a tie if you wear one every day), hopsack, light cottons (opt for cotton broadcloth vs. a heavier oxford), cashmere, and silk. I like Bonobos’ lightweight chinos and the summer weight casual top above left and right. When shopping, be sure to read labels and avoid anything with nylon or polyester in it.

10) A quarter-lined or unlined suit jacket or sport coat will be lighter on your body than one with a full lining. (Note: this type of unconstructed jacket is inherently more casual than those with full linings, so be wise about where you wear them). If you go quarter lining, make sure the lining is made from Bemberg, which does a better job than silk of wicking moisture from your body.

Plan Ahead

11) Keep your office stocked with a backup shirt (especially good if you have a big meeting at the end of the day or dinner/drinks after work), face wipes mentioned above, and a bottle of deodorant. That way you’re set if things get sticky.

How do you stay cool and comfortable in the summer months and still look like you mean business?


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