Julie Rath: Ever Wonder What Colors to Wear?

julie-rath-bio-photoIf you’ve ever wondered what colors will bring out the handsome devil in you, you might want to consider having a color analysis done. This is a process by which someone trained in color drapes you in various fabrics to determine your optimal color palette. The idea is that the “right” colors will brighten skin tone, even out complexion, smooth skin texture, balance the shapes of your features and make you appear rested and younger. The “wrong” colors will dull skin and drain your coloring, making you appear tired and sallow…not cool at all!

Check out this video of me with the ever-dynamic Mary Schook on a Chinese news hour that aired this past weekend. In it, we discuss how colors relate to the Asian population, namely women:

Yes, color analysis may sound super girly, but it’s of particular relevance to guys, and here’s why: women can get away with wearing the “wrong” colors because they use makeup to help negate any ill effects those colors may have on how their skin looks. Most men, however, don’t wear makeup, so it’s crucial if they want to make flattering clothing choices that they know what colors will look fantastic on them.

If you’re in the New York Tri-State Area or metro-Boston and are interested in getting your colors done officially (and in English), contact me.


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