Matt & Erica Chua: 2013 Photos that Capture the Color

When I saw the Capture the Color photo contest was going on again this year I was excited to dig through the photos from our trip and share a few with you.  Not only did this contest give me an opportunity to reminisce about all the places we’ve been by reliving memories through our photos but I love the theme, it’s so simple, capture the colors Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Red in your photos. I have to admit the deal was sweetened knowing I wouldn’t be competing against some of the travel blogosphere’s most talented photographers: Ken KamineskyAbi King,  Davefrom the Planet D, Christine Gilbert and Daniel Nahabedian, because they are the judges.  You can enter too and have the chance to win £3000, an Arc’teryx voucher or other great prizes.  Without further ado below are my five photos that Capture the Color:


Huyana Potosi, Bolivia (19,974 feet)

As we carefully inched along the snowy trail on the exposed ridge of Huyana Potosi leading us to the summit the sun just started to peek above the horizon.  It was a beautiful sight and a view I will never forget.  Once we reached the summit I looked back on the path we had taken in the dark to reach our goal and realized how precarious of a position we had been in.  As I watched another group of climbers descend I pulled out the camera to capture the trail with the sun highlighting the pristine white snow.  The moment I took this picture I still couldn’t fully comprehend what we had just done to be standing at the top of a mountain overlooking Bolivia.


Banaue Rice Terraces commonly referred to by the Filipinos as “The Eighth Wonder of the World”

The vibrant green rice terraces of Banaue are a source of pride for the local Ifugao people and meticulously cared for.  Many people believe that the terraces were built by ancestors of the Igugao people with minimal equipment, mostly by hand. The terraces are located about 5000 feet above sea level and cover roughly 6000 square miles of mountainside. They are fed by an ancient irrigation system from the rainforests above the terraces. It is said that if the steps are put end to end it would encircle half the globe.  The size is difficult to comprehend from the above photo, but you can see how it reduces the people in the photo to mere ants to help give you a perspective of the massive scale.  As I climbed up and down the stairs I loved the sense of being so small and taking in the vast expanse of terraces that stretched out in both directions.


A monk praying at Dambulla Rock Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Sri Lanka

The elaborate paintings and statues that make up the Dambulla Rock Temple in Sri Lanka depict the Lord Buddha and his life. Monks from around the area make the pilgrimage to this holy site to pray and meditate.  The five major caves include a total of 153 Buddha statues, 3 statues of Sri Lankan kings and 4 statues of gods and goddesses and the murals cover an astonishing 2,100 square meters.  I captured this monk praying to one of the many Buddhist statues and then watched in awe as he mindfully and methodically made his way around the cave pausing to pray or pay his respects to specific statues within the cave.  It was a beautiful meditation in motion.  To see more photos from the other four caves at Dambulla check out A Buddhist View of Sri Lanka.


Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, UAE

A visit to the spectacular Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a must for anyone visiting Abu Dhabi even for a short layover.  The over-the-top opulence is incredible and outshines even the most amazing sights of the world, it is a modern day Taj Mahal and amazing feat of architecture.  This reflection of two of the domes that make up the mosque are reflected in the glass doorways that lead into the prayer hall.  The reflection of the perfect blue sky adds to the allure of this magnificent building.  To see photos of the crystal chandeliers and marble columns in the interior click here.


Market vendor in Mandalay, Myanmar

For any traveler that visits Myanmar the take away seems to be the same, this country has the most wonderful people in the world.  They are friendly, helpful and always have a smile to share.  I love this photo from a market in Mandalay, not only do you get a sense of the warmth of the people in Myanmar but I was able to capture a little slice of the local market culture.  I love markets all over the world, but there was something special about the markets in Myanmar where vendors would invite you to come over and share with you something they are selling or request a picture of themselves, simply so they could see themselves on your digital screen.  I have fond memories of meeting the young lady in this photo and wandering the beautiful and busy markets of Myanmar.


Another highlight of this competition is seeing fellow bloggers photos, below are five travelers that I would love to see highlight their pictures:

  • Hannah and Adam from Getting Stamped, they have been making there way through Central and South America and I’m sure have some amazing beach shots!
  • Cassie and Keving from Ever in Transit, they claim to take way to many photos- so, I would love to see what they might dig out of their archives for a capture the color entry.
  • Erica and Shaun from Over Yonderlust, I loved their recent post on the Portland Japanese Garden and would love to see what other photo gems they have up their sleeve.
  • Jodi from Legal Nomads, food is her forte and I’d love to see the colorful dishes she may have captured in her years of traveling
  • Kate from Adventurous Kate, she is currently traveling all around the world with a new camera in tow- I would love to see what images she has captured in the past few months.

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