Erica and Matt Chua: Da Lat | Where to Stay


The center of Da Lat is mostly accommodations, with a huge variety in quality.  There are places from $5 to $200 per night, so you should be able to find anything you want.  The backpacker area is near the market where the going rate is $10-12 a night, but there is a huge variation in quality.  Make sure you check out several different hotels as price doesn’t dictate the quality of rooms.

We headed downhill on Đường 3 Tháng 2 from the market with a Canadian couple.  After viewing rooms in 4 places we found that there was little variation in prices, until we found a great little place that charged $6 a night.  It was difficult to figure out the price due to their total lack of English.  Finally they called a friend who spoke English and had me speak to them.  The room was equivalent to the $10/night rooms in hotels surrounding it and had good Internet access.


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