Tom Allen to Write Political Memoirs

Contributing RP Tom Allen, a former Congressman from Maine, is working on a new political book, reports Seth Koenig of the Bangor Daily News:

Former U.S. Rep. Tom Allen, a Democrat, and I happened to be leaving a media event in South Portland at the same time Tuesday. We chatted for just a few moments before he hopped into the passenger seat of a waiting sedan, undoubtedly off to another obligation (as president of the Association of American Publishers and a member of several organization boards, he keeps busy).

I asked how he’s liking life outside of the “political crossfire.”

He said he’s loving it. But he’s not staying out of the political crossfire forever.

Allen, who served 12 years in the House before giving up the seat to challenge Republican Susan Collins in 2008 for her Senate seat (unsuccessfully), said he’s working on a book about politics he hopes will hit shelves next year.

“It’s about the ideas that separate Rs and Ds,” the former Portland mayor said. “It explains everything.”

Allen still has strong opinions about politics, as evidenced by guest columns he’s written for the website The Recovering Politician (click here or here for some of his recent opinions about the atmosphere in Congress — he’s not ambiguous about which political movement he feels is to blame for ongoing Capitol Hill hostility).

Click here to read the full article.

And stay tuned to The Recovering Politician for more developments on Tom Allen’s literary career.


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