The RPs Debate Tim Tebow: Rod Jetton Responds

Rod Jetton’s First Response

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Congressman Davis is right in the closing statement of his last comments. Abortion views are changing particularly with young women.
While Jonathan is right that we can’t say with certainty when a fetus is a life, science is finding out that a fetus is viable at a younger and younger date with each new medical advance.
I had a very good progressive female friend who was strongly pro-choice and would debate the subject with me vigorously. After she was married and decided to have children she had a sonogram.
She had a photo of a hardly recognizable fetus and she pointed it’s heart out to me. She stopped drinking, took extra vitamins and lived the healthiest lifestyle I had ever seen her live.
I didn’t bring it up, but she told me the whole pregnancy experience had made her think about abortion in a whole new way. She still believed a women had a right to control her own body, but the thought that that fetus might be a living person who could survive caused her to re-evaluate her position. 
Technology and the  medical advances that allow us to see a baby in the womb and allow those babies to survive outside the womb at a younger and younger age are what is changing opinions on abortion and causing educated people to consider the baby inside the mother as much as the mother herself.


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