Krystal Ball: A Kindergartener Strikes a Deal

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I was walking to school with Ella last week when she said to me: “Mama, when will I get paid for work?” Thinking she was speaking in generalities I replied, “Oh, usually when you’re about 15 you can get a job where you earn money.”
“No no,” she said to me, “I mean for the job I have now, Political Playground, I want to get paid and I want a bank account.” (I swear this really happened.)

“Hmmm…” I said “How bout this. I can’t make any promises but I can try and set up a meeting for you with my boss, Executive Producer Steve Friedman and you can make your case for why you should get paid. Do you want to do that?”

*Enthusiastic head nodding from Ella*

“Alright but you’re going to have to take it really seriously and work really hard at it. OK?”


The rest of our short trip to school Ella fantasized about her bank account and credit.

She also determined that her account would not be at Bank of America because they’re “terrible.” (I’ve really got to watch what I say around this child.)

Steve agreed to take the meeting with the stipulation that I not be in the room. My agent Henry agreed to “represent” Ella and the result of their negotiation can be seen in this video. I’ve got to say, Ella secured a pretty good deal. Maybe when I renegotiate she can give me some tips.


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