John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Your Strongest Demographic

Do you know your strongest demographic?

A favorite campaign story I was reminded of recently happened in 2007 when my family at our first major fundraising event in Frankfort. I was the Lt. Governor running- mate candidate with House Speaker Jody Richards. We were huddled in our van before the event with my 11 year old son, Johnny, listening intently as we went over fresh poll numbers.

I tried to include Johnny so it would make sense to him and explained that the poll was broken up into different demographic groups based on age, sex and so on.

I explained to Johnny that we did OK with 18-24 year olds; better with 30-45 year olds and even better with those 55 and over. And went though other demographic breakdowns with him as well.

We arrived at the event and over a 100 people were present. Johnny did what any 11 year old would do first and went for the food table. We stayed until almost everyone had left and Johnny walked up to me exhausted–with the arms pulled up from his over-sized sweat jacket— but eager to report something to me. He seemed excited and told me, “Dad, I shook a lot of hands tonight.”

I said, “Well, wonderful honey, but you didn’t have to do that. But I sure appreciate it!”

“I enjoyed it and everyone was really nice.” Johnny responded before pausing and then adding. “I think my best demographic is women over 55.”

I almost embarrassed myself I laughed so loudly….but was quick to remind Johnny, who didn’t understand what was so funny, That’s an awfully good demographic to do the best with. And that he should consider himself lucky.


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