John Y’s Musings from the Middle: You Know that Feeling?

You know that feeling early in the morning …..that sinking feeling that something isn’t quiet right?

That something isn’t working….something feels worrisome and troublesome….but you just can’t put your finger on exactly what it is?

And then you rack your brain to pinpoint the cause of the general disease you are feeling…

jyb_musingsYou try to figure out the reason for this vague sense of impending doom. And you realize that these discomforting and disquieting feeling you are experiencing stem from the realization that “you” are are again–for another day–still involved in your life.

And just aren’t sure how to say to yourself…. to politely suggest that you, just, ahem, you know…kind of…try to…..well…. lie low today in your own life and not screw things up again?

And you wish you could slink out door without yourself noticing and wanting to tag along?

You know that feeling?


It is important to make the most of each day….and hope to have at least one life moment each day that is worthy of the highlight reel.


Think about it. What if we get to the end of our lives and it’s our time and up rolls our life’s highlights before our eyes… know, those flashes of our the precious, thrilling, sacred and fabulous moments from our life….and what if instead of lasting for the usual 30 seconds, ours only lasts for, say, 17 seconds? And then stops.

Well, I’d be really ticked and spend my last 13 seconds wishing I’d done more exciting stuff when I was younger.


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