John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Why I’m Nervous

Why I am nervous today.

Over the weekend I was venting to my wife about something annoying that had happened at work.

When I was finished I said, “But it’s all good.” And, as usual whenever I use that phrase, my wife didn’t respond.

And it occurred to me that I have never once heard Rebecca say, “It’s all good.” In fact, I have never heard any woman say, “It’s all good.” Only guys. And we say it a lot.

And that got me a little worried. And it’s why I am nervous today.

jyb_musingsWhat do women know that we guys don’t know about why it’s really not “all good?” And why haven’t they said anything to us about it? Just like Rebecca did with me over the weekend, whenever a guy says “It’s all good” in the presence of a woman, she just remains silent.

I am going to find some woman today who looks like she knows the answer and ask her. And if your a guy, I suggest you do the same.

Something is up and we guys need to figure out what it is.

I would ask Rebecca but I am embarrassed that I don’t know why things really aren’t “all good” and don’t want her to know I don’t know. It’s a guy thing.

And, yes, I would also like to know without Rebecca knowing I know so next time when I am venting about work–or whatever–I can say “But it’s all good” and then add “except…” –adding whatever it is that I find out today from some smart woman why isn’t all good.

That will make me feel a little smarter around Rebecca. And reassure her that I am not just another clueless man who makes uninformed remarks.


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