John Y’s Musings from the Middle: What Does a Man (or Woman) Truly Thinketh?

“As a man thinketh in his heart –so is he. ” –Proverbs

Of course, we try to fill our minds with lofty, visionary and aspirational thoughts that lead both to self improvement and a better world.

But what does a man (or woman) really and truly thinketh in the course of a day? If you really want to know look at your internet search history.  Mine over the last two days includes:

  1. Looking for the actual name of a restaurant in Louisville I had forgotten but had the word “pig” in it.
  2. Ebay and charging cables for my cell phone
  3. Looking up the definition and history of the word “Nimrod” which came to me out of the blue and I wanted to make sure if I ever used the term I would use it correctly
  4. Terry Meiners Twitter account because I heard he tweeted a funny Sigmund Freud quote yesterday about assholes.
  5. Whether it was “John” or “David” Hume after my son made a joking reference about the English philosopher and I couldn’t remember his first name. (It’s David Hume and John Locke).
  6. The number of calories in a pineapple curry dish that I like a lot from Viet Nam kitchen.
  7. The lowest BMI number for my height for “obesity.”
  8. Googled myself and my book to see if anyone had written a review on They hadn’t.
  9. Pictures on Facebook of some of the students in my daughter’s sophomore class. And to see if the boys were bigger than me yet. (Only taller)
  10. jyb_musingsLooked up “How to meditate” without wasting a lot of time. And if meditation can improve circulation. (Open to debate.)
  11. Zillow to see if the estimated value of our house had gone ip enough to refinance and borrow a little more. (It handn’t)
  12. Googled myself and my book to see if there were any new reviews on (There weren’t.) Thought about increasing my own review of the book from 4 starts to 5 starts but couldn’t find out how to edit my review.
  13. Dates of Kentucky’s special legislative session.
  14. Checked if the classic rock group Traffic was touring through Louisville this year. (Steve Winwood is but didn’t buy ticket and may not if Winwood is by himself.
  15. Confirmed exact definition of Nimrod since I was having trouble remembering it from earlier in the day.

And so… Proverbs teaches us, more or less……”As a man searcheth the internet–so is he.”


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