John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Weight Loss

One more reason I love technology.

In the old days when you committed you were going to start a new diet you had to join a gym, buy some new work out clothes, get a heart rate watch, subscribe to an exercise magazine, and perhaps even hire a personal trainer.
Before failing at the diet and exercise plan.

But not anymore!

Thanks to the internet and smartphones, we can save time and money by bragging to our friends—and they pretending to believe us—that we are “committed” to making some major changes in our dietary lifestyle without having to spend hundreds of dollars on all these old school props.

All we have to do is download an “app” for our smartphone called “Lose It

And then fail at the diet and exercise plan.

Sure, we’re still overweight but look at the time, money and energy we save!

Thanks technology!! You really do deliver! Despite having to put up with us too human humans.

(Caveat: Some people really have succeeded using this app. They must have either really wanted to lose weight or simply lacked the ability to be able to fool themselves.)


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