John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Tow Truck

Question: Is it possible for a 4000 pound vehicle to vanish?

Answer: Yes. But it costs $124 to make it come back.

Today in Lexington I had lunch with a client and when I returned to my car in the parking lot it wasn’t a matter of not remembering the slot I parked or seeing my car after it had been dented by another driver and left without any explanation. It was a matter of just not being ther…e at all. Poof!

I got a sinking feeling in my stomach. My usual defense mechanism for when I feel frustration, disappointment or anger coming on is to make a wisecrack to distract form the tension.

I went inside and asked for the towing company and called:

jyb_musingsMe: “Do you have a Maroon Honda Accord?”

Operator at towing service: “Yes. We are on Manchester Lane and you can pick it up.”

Me: “How much is it to pick up?”

Operator at towing service: “$124”

Me: “Geez. You are kidding me?”

Operator at towing service: “No. I’m not”

Me: For $248 could you tow it back to where you picked it up? I don’t have a car to get to you.”

Operator at towing service: “No. We have to see a picture ID and proof of ownership before we can move the car.”

Later while paying my towing fee I asked the clerk if they had a punch card that offered a gift or prize after the 5th or 10th tow….like a car air freshener.

Clerk at towing service: No. Please sign here”

I then looked proudly at my car who was sitting there so unassuming and out of place. I wanted to ask the clerk if my car had behaved better than the other towed cars. But didn’t. I knew the feeble attempt at humor wouldn’t have been received well.

And yet I was proud of my car. it looked cleaner and not like an automotive miscreant like many of the others. “C’mon,” I said. “Let’s get you out of here. You don’t belong in this place. I’ve sprung you.”

And I grinned to myself. Which just goes to show you if you do somethign stupid and try to deflect attention from it by making other people laugh and that doesn’t work. You still have yourself to laugh at yourself. It works. And sounds so silly trying to explain it will help you laugh even louder at yourself until you no longer are mad at yourself.

Of course it helps if you have your same sense of humor. ; )


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