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jyb_musingsThought for the day…(Footwear mindfulness)

Today I refuse to give in to the temptation to wear white socks with casual shoes –while wearing shorts–no matter how comfortable the footwear combination may seem to me. I will be deliberate and steadfast in my commitment –even into late afternoon while just walking around the house.


This moment is not one you ever plan for or think could ever happen to you.

If you were given a lie detector test a week earlier where you are asked if you will ever wear white socks and casual shoes you would swear it will never happen and would pass the test with flying colors.

10456464_10154269488675515_6387223089949654545_nAnd then one week later, when you are just minding your own business, you look down and see this.

It just happens.

This doesn’t mean you are a liar.

It doesn’t mean you are old.

It just means you have passed through a “shame threshold” that only others who can be seen dressing like this can fully appreciate and understand.


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