John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Thoughts of the Day

jyb_musingsIf you think about it there are a lot more “Thoughts for the day” offered than “Actions for the day.” 

Probably because thoughts are easier than actions.

And you probably think I am going to propose an “Action for the day.” But I am not. I am just going to let this observation count as my “Thought for the day” –and not rock the boat.


When did teenaged kids get so together?

At high school graduation awards ceremony and some of these kids have already accomplished more than most the parents in the audience. 

And look like it! All the male award recipients look like they carry business cards and one looked like he had to leave the office this morning to pick up his academic award.

I remember when I was in high school the administration was just hoping we could all sit still long enough to get through the graduation ceremony successfully.

My biggest disappointment today is that I forgot to bring my business cards to give out. Not to parents. But to the students!


My new theory about aging.

As I close in on my 51st birthday (or 2 score years and 11, as I am calling it), I am theorizing that as humans age into the second half of life, we don’t progess from “young” to “old,” but rather develop from mammals into some form of reptile. 

In other words, we don’t get “old,” just “lizardy” and “turtle-like.”


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