John Y’s Musings from the Middle: The Next Big Thing in Social Media

10626511_10154745297690515_5003278975298823619_nWhat is the next big thing in social media? I think I know.

Instagram. Snapchat. Twitter. Is there any thought or feeling we can’t communicate these days?

What we need next is a social media tool that allows us to post an image of those fleeting moments each day when we are not thinking or feeling anything at all. Call it BlankInstaTweetSnap.

It will allow us to post a blank image of the nothingness we are thinking and feeling so others can view it —and, hopefully, “like” it.

Perhaps our non-thinking and non-feeling moments will mean something to others who view it and bring meaning to our blank moments. With this new social media tool we will be able to eliminate ever having a waking moment that isn’t worth sharing with the rest of the world.

jyb_musingsOf course, our blank, empty and meaningless posts will have to be limited to 140 characters and the image of our blankness that we post will only be viewable by others for 10 seconds before it is deleted and destroyed. To make room for future BlankInstaTweetSnap posts.

Sometimes in life, “Less is more.” But when it comes to social media, “Nothing is the new less.”


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