John Y’s Musings from the Middle: The Loneliest Number

One isn’t the loneliest number that you’ve ever heard, after all. Sometimes it can mean a lot.

On my business page on Facebook which I recently updated…(click here for the page)…it’s off to a slow start and I don’t think there’s much more I can do with it.

Or even want to with it.

It’s one of those things I felt I needed to do because it looks bad if you don’t have one.

But it is depressing when I check it in the morning and it lists the number of “likes” and then always lists “People talking about this” And every morning it says the exact same number of people are talking it: “0.”

As in Zero. Or to translate verbally, nobody.

I understand and didn’t expect anyone to ever talk about it…but does Facebook really need to have than showing on the page? Can they make that optional?

Or better yet, is there a way I can add another “measurement” piece next to it that reads “Number of people thinking about this.” And have the number 1 next to that one.

I mean, heck, if I’m checking to make sure no one is talking about it, I should at least get credit for me “thinking” about the business. Right?


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