John Y’s Musings from the Middle: The 3% Secret

jyb_musingsThe 3% secret.

When you meet someone fir the first time and look them up and down, side to side, and even try peering into their soul (the shallow and deep ends) and get that awkward vibe that you only like about 3% of them, here’s the trick: Focus in and focus hard on just that 3% and somehow–almost magically–you will find another 3% that you like before the end of your first conversation.

And here is the bonus part.

If you meet someone new and at first glance only like about 3% of them, chances are good that they only like about 2.5% of you.

And by doubling the amount you like them by to 6%, that almost always doubles the amount they like you by to a full 5%.

Which gives them more things they like about you that they can focus on.


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